Kudhva is set within a long abandoned Cornish slate quarry, a remnant of Cornwall’s industrial past, and one which still holds the echoes of this once hard-worked land. When Louise first acquired the site back in 2015, her vision was clear: revive and restore the natural ecosystems throughout, invest in sustainable land management practices, and bring to life an ambitious project which would allow people to share and enjoy the site alongside its abundant nature, without ever hindering it.

Kudhva has since become a place where you can reset, refocus and revive. Stepping out of the daily digital grind and plugging back into nature is proven to be good for both mind and body, and at Kudhva it’s easily done. Clean air, cold water swimming, boundless stars and fresh food cooked over flames will help you reconnect with nature and remind you of what is most important. It’s a place where, if you so choose, you can do your own thing, in your own time.

Kudhva is proudly off-grid. We harness solar energy to feed the very few electrical items we have on site (lights, showers, fridges and a couple of plug sockets). We have two resident goats who happily contribute to our land management, organically regulating the abundant shrubs and grasses when they’re moved from area to area. We invest in products that are designed to support our land, free from harsh chemicals, and made by companies with environmental policies that we respect. We’re also proud to invest in a local and circular economy, working with Cornish people and products, and supporting small businesses wherever we can.

We strive to make Kudhva’s legacy one of sustainability, seeking not to add to an already troubled planet, but instead creating a space where you’ll find the room to appreciate nature, understand it better, and recognise our lasting impact beyond its boundaries.