Our site is off-grid, we are not connected to mains electricity, gas or water.

Solar power and our own natural water supply feed our site and that’s something we’re super proud of.

Our aim is to create memorable holidays, experiences and escapes which consider our impact on the natural world around us; 

  • We source responsibly and consider the life cycle of the products and services we purchase.

  • We aim to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

  • We are off grid.

  • We create rather than consume.

  • We aim to inspire all who come into contact with us to make positive changes in their own lives or businesses.

  • We pause to reflect on our decisions to ensure that we can stand by them.

  • We are true to our values, resilient to challenge and committed to what we do.

By coming to Kudhva we encourage our guests to learn passively about this process, as well as planning to offer lectures and talks about sustainability.