Digitally Detox. Expand your mind. Raise your happiness levels.

Kudhva is an evolving and ever changing landscape, a place where the natural environment rules over the man made, where our input is simply to enhance and showcase the nature which surrounds us. We’re a campsite with a difference. Our Kudhva offer a simple way of living; totally off grid, in a beautifully curated space.

The dream was to create a space which takes you away from the everyday, celebrates the sustainable, encourages you to be creative and creates a passive learning movement. The reality; is just that. Set in a 45 acre disused /abandoned quarry, overlooking the sea; the slate, grasslands, forest and sand all merge here. Kudhva sits amidst the raw and rugged landscape like an island floating above the waves.

You feel immersed in the landscape when you come here. Kudhva encourages people to meet, to be creative, to discuss and challenge. Our pop-up workshops, talks, music and food offerings allow us to share this haven with others. 

Kudhva; Cornish for ‘hideout’, is just that. A hideout from the super charged digitally saturated world, a chance to listen to the waves, to hear the dear running around the grassland at night, to watch the sun set over gull rock, to sit and contemplate in the wood fired hot tub, to lie in a hammock suspended in the willow grove or to plunge into the wild swimming lake.

We’re inspired by Kudhva. It feeds our ideas and imagination, it opens our eyes to possibilities we hadn’t considered , it introduces us to new friends or concepts and we can’t wait to share it with you.


A Positive Project. Our vision and ethos. The 7 wonders of Kudhva

1: Make Well

Make well make once. We make with our hands being able to know our subject with just a feel of the fingertips, quality, weight, smell, feel.

2: Adventure

It’s the very essence of every step we take, every new turn in the road, a spirit inside that never stays still. The hunt for a new wave, a beach, an adventure, woodland, a new person, a colour or an intention. It’s a feeling that fills our bodies, it drives us whether we like it or not.

3: Original Design

Using the power of our mind, with it’s inner maps and territories we can create original thought. Translating that thought onto paper or directly into our designs. We problem solve with an innate eye for colour and proportion from years of visual working, creating great design.

4: Positive/Vital/Golden/Alive/Passion

It’s a living internal “THING” we believe is always there. It expands and contracts at will  or when we choose, like embers ready to stoke, ready to make blazing fires when we want. You can always see it in someone’s eyes when they have it, it’s an experiential and exciting feeling that sits in your gut like a wild animal. It’s easily recognisable.

5: Renegade / Maverik / Disrupt / Edgy / Brave

We don’t fit in with the status Quo, we never have. It’s just that simple. We always want to break creative boundaries. Fitting in somehow doesn’t feel good. The people we love, our hero’s and Goddesses are renegades. They ask for more out of life. They drive it, fuel it with their passion. Creating new frontiers and new design.

6: Nature / Connectivity

Nature and its abundance is our God. Our church has no walls, it’s the cliffs, the air, the mountains, the forests and the beaches. The blessings of rain on your face in fierce winds with the backdrop of blue skies. It doesn’t get better than that. We give gratitude for it’s fierceness and it’s calm. If we let ourselves go with it, we can fuel our lives.

7: Rich / Quality / Wealthy / Full /Deep

The concept of being rich not in monetary terms but in the fullness of life. Seeing the richness that surrounds us, the colours that we have created and see through nature. The ability to think deeply and the quality of our thoughts.