Weddings at Kudhva

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Kudhva are always proud to host people’s weddings, we’re touched when couples love the site as much as us and want to bring all their loved ones to share it. We really love meeting people that we know totally get Kudhva, which is why we like to keep things small and choose to only work with 4 couples per year.

Using Kudhva for your wedding gives you free reign of the site, all 43 acres of it! You get the venue on a Friday afternoon until Monday morning and we just ask that you give it back to us as you find it.

Kudhva weddings are not about silver service and regimented schedules, they’re about adventure, nature and barefoot dancing. Getting married at Kudhva is an opportunity to totally immerse yourselves in nature, to switch off and relax in to the pace of Kudhva.

We let you use the site as you wish, seeking out your own perfect spots for the ceremony, food and party. Our wedding brochure gives you all the finer details, which can be downloaded here

Kudhva is a wild, free and joyous place – so if that sounds like the sort of venue you’d like to get married in, please do get in touch.

These photos of Ben & Anna’s wedding show just how wonderful weddings at Kudhva can be.

Photo credit: Travel & The Girls, Louise Robertson