NEW EYES a pop-up restaurant at Kudhva

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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve joined forces with Beautiful & The Feast to create a new pop up kitchen at Kudhva. The New Eyes kitchen is located right next to the Reception Building, with a large communal dining table inside and out.

Each week during the summer months, New Eyes will be preparing a delicious evening meal every Saturday night and a wonderful breakfast on Sunday mornings. They welcome guests and visitors to pre-book their orders online and come to site to collect them before finding a spot to enjoy supper. Guests are welcome to explore our 43-acre site and find the perfect place for dinner. Fire pits will be pre-lit across site, providing a host of warm and welcoming places to sit and eat, regardless of the weather.

You will find the menu and booking system here.

Beautiful & The Feast have been firm favourites of ours since we first began our journey with Kudhva. Their understanding of food and flavour is second to none, their love and respect for the lifecycle of their produce is admirable and it helps that they’re a bloody good bunch of people. They’ve been cooking at our Sunday Service since it began and have a very successful wedding and events catering business. You may also know them from their sister restaurant Temple in Bude

Having food on site has always been part of the Kudhva masterplan and we cannot think of anyone we’d rather we working with.

They plan to host a series of events beyond the season and are hoping to use their space to run workshops. For updates and information about their plans follow them here.