Building the Kudhva

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Toby Sharpe a master cabinet maker is the man responsible for building the Kudhva. Initially in a barn 10 minutes from site Toby led our team of master craftsmen to build the prototype. In January 2017, with more space needed to complete the remaining Kudhva they moved operations to a larger barn 50 miles away.

Here are some images that show the process of building the kudhva:

We asked Toby to write about his time building the Kudhva and he wrote us this poem.



Louise said “Could I?”

Ben said “Could be”

Louise said “Kudhva!”

Ben said “Kud so”

Toby said ‘Kud do”

Jack said “Kud do too”

Ronan said “Kud do me too”

Neil said “Kud do me too too”

Kan do.

Kan done.