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I first met Louise in the pub. Why is it that so many rad encounters happen in the pub I wonder?

Striking up a conversation about the amazing dog she had with her, we soon realised that we had a fair bit in common. Time spent living in the Alpes, mutual friends and a mutual love of adventure. Louise then told me her plans for Kudhva. A place to hang out, eat, sleep, adventure and explore. To learn, to be inspired, to move, to meditate. Straight away I wanted to be involved in some way or another. 

In February, I went to meet Louise on site to explore the land. We crawled under fences, scrambled through brambles, and up slate paths. I was shown the waterfall, the reservoir, the Engine House and the amazing surrounding terrain.

We spoke about all the possibilities provided by the awesome space, the space that has inspired me to come up with some ideas that I’m really excited about. 

Now the time has come to bring my ideas to life in nature’s own playground. Come and join me and we’ll have a rad time!!

The Kudhva Blog | Kudhva - Why I Think it's Rad

In the wilderness and beauty of nature, explore the way your body moves and what it is capable of.

I specialise in movement coaching… meaning that I help people to move better. Whether that means being able to feed your cats without hip pain or improving your running gait to win your next 10k race. The key to making positive changes to your body is good movement. 

Stepping outside the constraints of a gym or studio, Kudhva offers a unique place to move. 

With mixed terrain, beautiful scenery and the feeling of exhilaration that you only get from being outside. 

Come and take on the challenges that the landscape provide. Whether you love a challenging, lung busting, leg burning, adventuring, muddy, exhilarating workout or…

Slow it down… Learn how to move your body with strength and control. Using functional movement patterns to develop new skills and create a flow of movement.

Your body is an incredible machine. Movement is an incredible gift. Kudhva is an incredible place.  Put the three together and BE incredible!!

I hope you are as excited about being part of Kudhva as I am….See you there!

Emma ~ x ~

Emma Woodcock

Live well, Move well
move Well : live Well

The Kudhva Blog | Kudhva - Why I Think it's Rad